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Crew Recruitment

Infinity Yacht Services creates tailor-made solutions between the boat managers and the crew to select the right person for any requested position.

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Communication of crew needs by the yacht to our company.

In this first phase, the type of profile is studied in relation to experience, training, certifications, languages, salary conditions, and other requirements demanded by the yacht.


Active search through Headhunting 24/7

Through professional networks, social networks, job portals, contacts, etc.


The first contact with the candidate

The profile of the position is explained, more information is requested and, if it is of interest, the Curriculum Vitae is requested. In this phase, our company will only reveal the name of the client if it has the express consent of the client.


Checking the references

References of other previous yachts are essential to verify the veracity of said information and to correctly assess the candidate.


Timely follow-up interviews are conducted

Either in person or by video call, in order to obtain as much information as possible.


Final Report

Our company prepares and presents a final report to the client with the shortlisted, leaving the final decision in the hands of the client.

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