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Ceramic Protection

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With Infinity Ceramic your yacht will always look like new!

Infinity Yacht Services in collaboration with Ferton Marine - a marine surface protection specialist - is offering high quality polishing and protection services for all kinds of paint, gelcoat and glass surfaces.


  • Faster and less expensive then a repaint

  • No tenting or scaffolding needed

  • Work can be done on water

  • 2 years warranty of our sealant

  • All products are developed and produced in Germany

Why to restore the paint surface of my boat?

With premium polishing products and the latest technical equipment we are able to bring back the brilliant shine of your boat. Even on heavy soiled parts like exhaust areas and waterline.

This process safes money and time due to the fact that it is faster and less expensive than repaint. 

We guarantee to achieve a gloss level like a fresh paint without swirls and holograms.

Why to protect the paint surface?

Our ceramic sealant bonds to the paint surface and create an ultra resistant, hydrophobic layer with an unique mirror effect. This layer protects the surface against scratches and fender marks.

Highest UV-filters preserve the paint against harsh sea / weather conditions and color fading.

The Surfaces are easy to clean and it reduces the maintenance time to a minimum.

No harsh chemicals are needed, even exhaust smoke can’t stick any more to the surface.

We keep the shine ahead for seasons with a higher gloss level than a fresh paint.

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